Grade Level Reading

Early Literacy through the arts is a cornerstone of the Van Wezel Arts Integration Approach. Studies show that by third grade students should stop learning to read and start reading to learn. With the Van Wezel, learning to read is all about creativity! Focusing on the Grade Level Reading pillars, we have developed arts integration activities designed to support literacy.

Our Audiences

Students through Grade 3 participate in in a three-pronged approach to grade level reading that focuses on students, teachers, and families. Through well-rounded programming, everyone involved teaching a child to reach is involved!

Drama, Visual Art, and Movement at are the core of lessons tied directly to English Language Arts (ELA) standards. Plus they are so much fun students WANT to read!


  • STUDENTS attend nationally touring (and virtual) schooltime performances of classic children’s books. Follow-up Workshops explore parts a story, sequencing, letter and word recognition AND MORE!
  • TEACHERS attend professional development that provides innovative techniques to teach literacy standards through the arts.
  • FAMILIES learn how to support young learners at home. Through a 2Gen approach, adults and students attend Family Literacy Nights together to learn arts based literacy ideas to use at home and FREE BOOKS.

Calendar of Events